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Russian Teapot 2000ml Imperial Porcelain Lomonsov

Large Russian Teapot 2000ml - Imperial Porcelain Lomonosov

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This Russian teapot is a larger version of the pot from the tea set, also available online the website. The Imperial blue and white porcelain is a popular choice among design amateurs and collectors.The 'Cobalt Net' is still produced by the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory, former Lomonosov, using the original techniques, coupling deep underglaze cobalt with bright overglaze gold. A very chic item for an afternoon tea or to finish elegantly a dinner.

The Roaming Chair is an official distributor of Imperial Porcelain Manufactory. Shipping from Zürich, Switzerland.

Dimensions: 18 x 27 cm. 2000 ml

Origin: Russia