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Japanese Ceramic Plates for a Chic and Mood-Lifting Dinner

Japanese craftsmen are known for creating fabulously minimalist vessels. But these plates bring something genuinely new to the table.


Japanese Ceramic Plates Bold Colors


A unique pattern

The pattern of Horitsuke plates is a reminder of the Japanese ‘horse eye’ (Umanome) symbol that is found on antic vessels in Japan. It is represented by six stylised concentric spirals, here beautifully reinterpreted by Horitsuke in a contemporary manner. Instead of being painted, the pattern is carved with a chisel into a solid design.


A remarkable engraving working

Horistuke collaborate with the best Japanese specialists of mold making in Aichi Prefecture to create such delicate curves. The pattern is engraved on the prototype at the mold making stage to give a unique texture to the plates.

Bold colors

It is rare to find Japanese plates that offer design, texture and bold colors. Horitsuke plates remind of the French 19thC majolica bright forms combined with sober, regular Japanese patterns. The result is stunning and very much appealing to all design amateurs out there.


Japanese Ceramic Plates Pattern


Japanese Ceramic Dessert Plates


Horitsuke Ceramic Japanese plates can be found HERE.